Achieving PDPA Compliance in the Modern Enterprise

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Date: 4 August 2023, Friday

Time: 9.30am-1.00pm


Event Description

Non-compliance with the PDPA can result in hefty fines of up to S$1 million or 10% of annual turnover and legal consequences that can negatively impact your business’s reputation and financial health.

As data continues to become more valuable and sensitive, it has become increasingly important for businesses to implement robust security measures to protect their data. At this event, hear from the experts from Infotect Security Solutions and Versa Networks on the most common channels where data breaches appear and how you can protect your sensitive data and achieve compliance with PDPA.

Get a chance to network with peers in the industry and share insights on the challenges and strategies for data protection.



9.30am – 10.00am – Registration & Breakfast
10.00am – 10.10am – KNIT Welcome Introduction
10.10am – 10.40am – Enabling Trust in a Digital Future
10.40am – 11.20am – How to address the No. 1 root cause of PDPA violations?
11.20am – 12.00pm – Driving PDPA Compliance with Zero trust Architecture and Zero Trust Network Access
12.00pm – 12.10pm – Kahoot! Game
12.10pm – Lunch

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Brief Topic Outline

Enabling Trust in a Digital Future

Discover why it is necessary for enterprises to embrace a Trust-centric approach in an increasingly connected world and discuss some specific aspects of why Enabling Trust-based solutions can allow businesses to navigate and develop secure, agile IT strategies in an increasingly data-rich and connected digital economy to access new business opportunities and markets.


Christopher Chew, Member of IAPP Asia & Privacy Engineering Section Advisory Boards

Christopher specialises in Cyber Resiliency, Data Privacy & Protection for Mobile 5G & Cloud Security, BFSI, Payments Fraud, Media/Communications, and Enterprise Digital Transformation.

He has held various sales and technical leadership roles in Advertising & Media/ Communications, Contact Centre/Collaboration Technologies, Digital Identity, Strategy Management/Advisory Consulting, CyberSecurity, as well as GRC areas in Banking and Financial Services.

He is a Fellow of Information Privacy and a member of the Asia & Privacy Engineering Advisory Boards of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), and currently serves as the Service Provider Security Engineering Technical Leader of Cisco’s Customer Experience (CX) Organization in the APJC region.

How to address the No. 1 root cause of PDPA violations?

The Singapore PDPC is the most active data protection regulator in ASEAN, as measured by the number of enforcement decisions it has taken to date. The number one type of breach among all enforcement decisions is the Breach of Protection in PDPA.
Join us to learn about the No. 1 channel through which protection breaches have occurred and how you can protect your organization by being able to detect and block such breaches when they occur.

As our esteemed authorities have said, it is not a question of “if,” but “when.”
So, don’t be the next organization to be penalized by PDPC for breaches of protection.


Wong Onn Chee, Managing Director, Infotect Security

A 23 year veteran, Onn Chee is currently working as the Chief Executive Officer of Rajah & Tann Cybersecurity, Technical Director of Rajah & Tann Technologies, Managing Director in Infotect Security and the Chief Technology Officer of Resolvo Systems. His areas of expertise include information leakage protection, web/cloud security and security strategy. Onn Chee is also one of the co-inventors for at least six international PCT patent rights (, besides several US, EU and Singapore patents. He had published his works in the area of information leakage protection and application of evidence laws when designing IT systems in the ISSA Journal (Information Systems Security Association).

Driving PDPA Compliance with Zero trust Architecture and Zero Trust Network Access

The PDPA protects personal data, and many may not know that personal data is present everywhere, including in corporate environments, to cater to business needs such as HR systems and customer payment systems. It is critical for corporations to ensure that only appropriate and trusted users access that data to protect personal data. In this discussion, we will explore how Zero Trust Architecture and Zero Trust Network Access can assist corporations in driving PDPA compliance.


Avik Bose, Security Evangelist, Versa Networks

Avik has worked in organizations like F5 Networks , Palo Alto Networks , Mcafee Inc , Sonicwall , Barclays before joining Versa Networks, which contributes to a total work experience of 19+ years in the cybersecurity industry with experience on working with various types of security products/technologies like Perimeter Security, End-point Security , Public cloud, Containers & Kubernetes , Zero Trust , SASE, BOT Management, SSL etc.