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Buyer's Guide: Cloud Network Security

Although corporate and internal networks are the most popular (54%) attack vector for hackers, cloud-based environments, ecommerce in particular, are the next most
popular targets (44%). In fact, between four and five of every 10 data breaches (43%) involve web applications. Moreover, a recent study shows that misconfigured clouds were a leading cause of breaches in 2020, and data breaches due to cloud misconfigurations resulted in the average cost of a breach increasing by more than half a million dollars, from $3.86 million to $4.41 million.


As a result, cloud security has become business-critical as organizations expand
and deepen their cloud presence.


This guide describes the ten essential considerations a company should examine when choosing its cloud network security platform. Using these considerations, it then compares the relative benefits of the cloud network security solutions provided by leading cloud providers and third-party security vendors in the market today.

This guide discusses the functionality that effective cloud security solutions should have, and how you can make sure that vendor solutions have the capabilities that are important to your organization’s success and security.

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