Improving your security capabilities and cyber resilience.

We build and ensure resiliency through a wide range of consulting services including threat assessments, policy review, development and master planning. 

Knit Technologies Cybersecurity Services

More cohesive protection to mitigate risk to your organisation.

We help bridge the crucial security gaps by identifying vulnerabilities, assessing security weaknesses, and minimising the risk of a cyber attack. As such, we empower our clients to make informed decisions and keep pace with the evolving threats. 

Knit Technologies Cybersecurity Services

Our solutions.

Get access to our virtual CISO who provides strategic expert guidance in managing your cybersecurity risks remotely. You will be receiving the same level of expertise and support without incurring the cost of hiring a full-time dedicated CISO.

Helping businesses to identify, assess and mitigate risks associated with their relationships with vendors and partners. Our experts identify risks, develop strategies for compliance, and train employees in best practices, ensuring your business operations stay protected.

Using the latest tools and techniques to identify potential vulnerabilities, perform thorough testing, and provide tailored recommendations to keep your business protected against cyber threats, our VAPT consultancy service delivers comprehensive reports and customized solutions to ensure the security of your systems and data.

As mandated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, financial institutions and other organizations must manage their technology-related risks and ensure the security and resilience of their IT systems and infrastructure. We are here to help you navigate these guidelines and ensure your business remains compliant.

Ensure the security of your organization’s information assets and maintain compliance with the ISO 27001 standard with our consultancy service. Our team of experienced professionals will help you establish and maintain an effective information security management system, tailored to your specific needs and objectives. From risk assessment to implementation and ongoing monitoring, trust us to help you achieve ISO 27001 certification and safeguard your sensitive information.

From access control to identity governance, we advise you with customised solutions that integrate seamlessly with your IT infrastructure to ensure the security of your critical assets, developing and implementing secure IAMS frameworks that mitigate risks and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Discover where your organization stands on the cyber maturity scale with our comprehensive cyber maturity assessment. We apply industry-standard frameworks and methodologies to evaluate your cybersecurity controls, processes, and policies, identify any gaps or weaknesses, and provide you with a detailed report and roadmap to improve your security posture.

Designing, implementing, and managing a PKI infrastructure that meets your unique business needs, compliance requirements, and security objectives. Our PKI consultancy service provides end-to-end support, from designing the PKI architecture and deploying the PKI solution to developing PKI policies and providing training and support. With our expertise, you can establish a trusted foundation for secure electronic communication and transactions, protecting your sensitive information and intellectual property from cyber threats.

Speak to our specialist and you may have a different perspective on your cybersecurity journey.