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Get valuable insight to improve your security posture with the Trend Micro Security Assessment Service.

This quick and easy-to-run assessment scans endpoints (Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS) and cloud mailboxes (Microsoft Office 365 and Gmail™) to deliver a detailed report of undetected threats found in your environment. After you receive your assessment results, explore more sensors, apps, and features for free for 60 days with a 28,000 complimentary credit grant.


Select the Trend Micro Vision One Risk Assessment option to try XDR sensors, Zero Trust applications, Sandbox Analysis, and more for free for 60 days.



At-Risk Cloud Mailbox Assessment

  • Discover BEC messages, phishing messages, ransomware, malicious files, and malicious URL.
  • Scans all messages sent and received in the last 15 to 30 days for all cloud mailbox users in customers’ environment.

At-Risk Endpoint Assessment

  • Discover attack campaigns, threat indicators, malicious files, and malicious URL.
  • Scans high profile endpoints for file-based threat indicators collected from global intelligence sources to uncover malicious activity.

Trend Micro Vision One Risk Assessment

  • Evaluates overall security posture and identifies organisation’s risk score to assess where you stand among industry competitors
  • Provides suggestions on how to mitigate and prevent risks inside your customers’ organization.

Trend Micro Vision One Trial Complimentary Credits

  • Run the assessment and receive 28,000 complimentary credits to explore Trend Micro Vision One for 60 days
  • Credits can be used to enable Trend Micro Vision One sensors across endpoint, email, network, server, and cloud workloads.