Overwhelmed with technologies and constantly skilled staffed shortage?

We deliver a comprehensive suites of advanced security solutions and it can be fully managed or co-managed model to give you a peace of mind and protection you need.

Knit Technologies Cybersecurity Services

Improve time-to-value on security investments.

As your operations grow, so do your needs for a stronger cybersecurity posture and compliance especially with the ever-growing cyber threat landscape. And managed security solutions can help to scale with your business. That’s why we are here to help enterprises concentrate on the core business objectives while leaving the security concerns to our team of highly experienced cybersecurity specialists.

Knit Technologies Cybersecurity Services

Making security monitoring work better for you.

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Managed PKI Service

Based on our years of experience managing PKI Services for classified customers, the managed service model can be tailored based on your security requirement. It can be a fully managed model or a hybrid model with Key Custodians being held by the customer.

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Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

We have a team of security experts who will proactively and continuously monitor, detect, and respond to threats on your network in real-time, 24/7. They will investigate any suspicious activity and respond quickly to prevent any damage to your business.


With real-time cybersecurity monitoring and incident response around the clock, our cloud-based security orchestration and automation platform reduces noise and prioritize threats for our Security Operations Center.

Managed Dark Web Monitoring Service

The dark web is a breeding ground for cybercriminal activity, including the buying and selling of stolen data, illegal drugs, and weapons. We help you monitor the dark web for any mention of your organization or sensitive information and identify potential security threats and mitigate risk.
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Imagine you are working on a big project and suddenly your computer crashes, wiping out all your hard work. Don’t let this nightmare become a reality – our Backup-as-a-Service saves your data from danger and keeps it safe and sound in the cloud. Trust us, you’ll never want to go back to the old days of manually backing up your files.

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Managed IAM Service

Kickstart your journey to Managed IAM services by automating some of the pre-defined and common processes giving a secure experience for every user, asset and data interaction. The deployment strategy is based on the foundation of zero-trust with pre-defined and common policies, rules and processing that we created.

Managed Micro-segmentation Service

Outsource the responsibility of managing your micro-segmentation solution to our team of experts who will design, implement, and manage your security policies. Dividing your network into smaller segments and applying specific security policies to each segment can be a hassle, we’ll do the heavy lifting and make sure your data is safely partitioned off, so you can rest easy.

Managed Firewall Service

Firewalls are like the gatekeepers of your network, keeping the bad guys out and letting the good guys in. But who’s keeping an eye on the gatekeeper? That’s where our Managed Firewall Service comes in. Our team of security ninjas will make sure your firewall is always on top of its game, fending off attackers and keeping your network safe. Plus, you’ll sleep better knowing you have a team of cyber superheroes watching your back.

Managed SIEM

You know that feeling when you’re searching for a needle in a haystack? That’s what managing SIEM can feel like sometimes. With our Managed SIEM, you will be having a team of needle-finding experts at your fingertips. Our team will comb through all the security data and alerts, quickly identifying and responding to potential threats. Say goodbye to searching for needles – we’ve got this covered.

Managed Network Monitoring

We know that your network is the backbone of your business, that’s why we monitor it around the clock to ensure its stability, security, and performance. Our service monitors your network infrastructure, including servers, switches, routers, and firewalls, to ensure their performance and security, prevent any downtime or data loss, and keep your network in top shape.

Speak to our specialist and you may have a different perspective on your cybersecurity journey.