A Commitment To Impactful Intelligence

Cyberint is committed to providing impactful intelligence that leads to measurable outcomes for customers. It is no longer enough for threat intelligence to be actionable– that’s a necessary condition but alone it is not sufficient.

Impactful Intelligence

Cyberint is committed to proactively monitoring and positively impacting external risk exposure and mitigation. Powered by a unique combination of a SaaS platform and a world-class expert team, Cyberint, the Impactful Intelligence company, fuses open-deep-and darkweb Threat Intelligence with Attack Surface Management to deliver maximum protection from external threats.

Dark Web Monitoring

Cyberint identifies a company's external assets, checks them for vulnerabilities, and correlates them with a massive intelligence data lake to uncover any threats or compromised data that could lead to an incident. Cyberint constantly monitors social media and the Dark Web for any items related to those assets, so the Threat Intelligence we provide is "actionable" and not simply generic CVEs and IOCs.

"It is no doubt that Knit Technologies stands out for their technical expertise and experience in cybersecurity. They have a deep understanding of the unique challenges of monitoring the dark web and are equipped with advanced techniques to stay ahead of emerging threats. Moreover, what sets KNIT apart is their partnership-oriented approach to working with clients. They take the time to understand the specific needs of their clients and develop tailored solutions to address them. Knit Technologies’ dedication to providing exceptional services and prioritizing customer satisfaction is impressive and sets them apart from other providers."
Gil Fromovitch

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