Empowering enterprise phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication of PKI and FIDO.

Versasec is the leading identity and credential management software and service provider for organizations and corporations worldwide. The award-winning software offers a new approach to identity and credential management. Versasec enables the highest levels of security in an increasingly connected world with growing numbers of remote workers, online business, and threat actors. The security provided by Versasec serves as a cornerstone in every enterprise security system to fully take advantage of the digital transformation. Versasec’s products help companies of all sizes easily deploy and manage virtual and physical smarts cards, tokens, RFID, FIDO and other PKI credentials throughout their lifecycle. Software developed by Versasec is available for on-prem and private clouds or as managed services (SaaS).

Managing Digital Identities.

Fifteen years ago, Versasec’s Fab Four, experts in the IAM and finance field, came together to start what today we know as Versasec. With one common purpose: to empower organizations to efficiently and practically manage digital identities; protecting user identities and user devices. Versasec reaches new levels at every milestone and every milestone is founded on Versasec’s values: to be open, honest, and curious

vSEC:CMS - Versasec credential management

Redefine managing the lifecycle of end user authentication credentials. Effortlessly deploy and manage credentials with vSEC:CMS ensuring highest level of security with low TCO. Achieve a centralized credential management, enable policy compliance and auditing of the complete lifecycle of both PKI/PIV and FIDO passwordless credentials.

vSEC:CLOUD - Credential Management as a Service

Fully subscription based and deployed in a virtual private cloud, Versasec will manage server hosting and upgrades for customers of all sizes. Widest range of supported credential and integration solutions, with seamless and deep-rooted technology integrations. No unexpected expenses or hidden costs, as everything is comprehensively included from day one.

"We enjoy a good collaborative and working relationship with Knit technologies as our cybersecurity partner for the APAC region. They are one of the fastest growing system integrators in APAC with experience and technical expertise in the PKI industry. Their extensive experience helps us with customer requirements and their business outcomes which makes them an invaluable asset to Versasec. With the range of Knit technology security consulting services and Versasec products, we expect them to play a crucial role in helping all sizes of organisations to implement multi-factor authentication with hardware security devices.”
William Houry
VP of WW Sales, Versasec

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