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Stay on top of the threat landscape

As cyber attackers continually conduct more advanced and sophisticated criminal activities, we need to be two steps ahead so as to avoid playing catch-up.  Engaged us early in the initial project planning circle will help identify the actual scoping and consideration factors. Through our years of experiences sharing, some of the consideration can be flag out earlier so that they can form part of the project planning to have a seamless and smooth project cycle.

Public Key Infrastructure​.

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) enables the creation of a trusted environment for businesses. It minimises fraud by authenticating the identity of people, provides privacy of messages by minimising the risk that they can be read in transit other than the intended recipient. Assure integrity of electronic communications by minimising the risk of them being altered or tampered with in transit without the recipient being aware.  

PKI offers a higher standard of security for the organisation than password authentication can. The added security allows for a safer transfer of information and data over cloud-based services and the Internet of Things.

Speak to our principal consultant on how we secure some of the highly secure environment for our customers.

Identity and Access Management​.

Modern technology enables businesses to be more agile and efficient than ever before. Covid-19 has forced many employers to adopt more flexible working environment allowing employees to work from anywhere at any time and in some cases, on any devices with the cloud adoption. 


Identity Access Management (IAM) secures, stores and manages user identities and access privileges. It makes sure that your employees, customers, and partners are who they say they are and are only able to access the resources they need, nothing more. IAM strikes the perfect balance by letting you set centralised policies for the right access privileges.


 Speak to our practise leader on what are the key success factors that will drive a successful IAM project before embarking on the IAM journey.

Security Orchestration, Automation and Response.

Network and cybersecurity defense analysts are facing increasing numbers of security alerts. Due to resources constraints on the already overwhelmed analyst, many alerts are ignored or timely investigated.

SOAR allow the organisation to define incident analysis and response procedures in a digital workflow format, allowing network and defense analyst to compile threat-related data from various disparate sources and then use machine learning to automate responses to threats.

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Data Management.

Locate documents, emails and images across multiple devices and the cloud, then react to new data in real-time.
Classify automatically at scale into your customised categories and identify files with PII and PHI with AI machine learning
Map to your internal confidentiality levels, or push to your DLP platform, or migrate to the cloud and remove the ROT

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